Creative problem solving programs

The Creative Problem Solving program track offers participants a rich experience in learning how to think and act more creatively. Programs are targeted at skill development and designed around the Creative Problem Solving Skills Model. Foundations of Creative Problem Solving (or an equivalent program in Creative Problem Solving) is required to participate in any of the other programs.
Participants are asked to pre-register.

  • Leverage differences in creative styles
  • Facilitate effective meetings
  • Improve your work environment
  • Apply Creative Problem Solving to personal and professional challenges
  • Learn to think differently


This program is recommended for those who are unfamiliar with Creative Problem Solving. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own creative style and how to leverage it to achieve better results. The program will also explore the Creative Problem Solving process and learn how to use it to find innovative solutions to complex problems.

  • Design and facilitate sessions that meet your client’s needs
  • Gain confidence in facilitating meetings and Creative Problem Solving sessions
  • Increase group collaboration
  • Learn to manage difficult participants
  • Develop conflict management skills
  • Improve your ability to give and receive feedback


This program will focus on the development of core processes and techniques for effective facilitation. Using the Creative Problem Solving Thinking Skills framework, participants will practice and receive feedback related to their facilitation skills within the stages of the CPS model. This program will help participants to deepen their understanding of creative process and to gain confidence and competence as a facilitator.
Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.

  • Learn to leverage people’s preferences to enhance creative collaboration;
  • Evaluate how a team’s profile impacts their approach to challenges;
  • Increase your ability to communicate and problem solve effectively with people who have other preferences;
  • Enhance your effectiveness in building high performance teams.


The FourSight Thinking Profile is an assessment that serves as a launch pad for innovation in teams and organizations. During FourSight Certification, you will learn the research behind the assessment and discover best-practices for debriefing FourSight with individuals, groups and teams. This certification will improve your skills as a productive leader and facilitator of innovation. Taking FourSight® Certification is the best way to maximize the impact of using FourSight in an organizational setting.
Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.

  • Identify a broad array of tools and techniques that can be used in everyday life to explore multiple options and make smart decisions;
  • Learn to select the best tool to facilitate creative action;
  • Apply creative thinking to a wide variety of personal and professional situations where there is a complex challenge with no apparent solution;
  • Develop the competence and confidence to introduce divergent and convergent thinking outside of the context of a planned CPS session.



Delivered in English with French support

You don’t always need to apply the entire CPS process for it to be effective. Frequently, there are moments in a meeting or a conversation where a divergent and convergent thinking tool can produce the right solution. In this session we will explore how to assess complex situations and identify the kind of thinking that is needed in the moment. We will examine how to facilitate each of the main phases of CPS in ways that respond to particular needs in a variety of contexts to bring about novel and valuable outcomes.
Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.

  • Expand your thinking through awareness of the phenomenon of interdependent pairs – polarities.
  • Learn a powerful approach and tool for analysis and action when facing dilemmas.
  • Gain insights about how to recognize and use paradox to manage complexity.
  • Learn about the rich partnership of Polarity Thinking and CPS.



Complex situations often contain issues that are inherently "unsolvable" and remain unsolvable regardless of our best and most creative attempts to resolve them. The practice of polarity thinking combined with Creative Problem Solving provides exciting opportunities for sustainable innovation and being more effective in complex situations You'll explore how to leverage dynamic tensions such as head and heart, analysis and action, team and individual and – of course – diverge and converge. Through discussion, activities and Polarity Mapping, you'll identify interdependent factors that are constants and indestructible, and learn a deliberate process to manage them.
Knowledge of Creative Problem Solving is required to participate in this program.