Where Where

The Conference takes place  in Sestri Levante, a quaint little town located on the breathtaking Italian Riviera. Sestri Levante is approximately 50km from Genova, 35km from Portofino, 55 km to the Cinque Terre and 120 km from Pisa.

In Sestri Levante there are two seas: the lively, animated sea of the baia delle favole, and the quiet, romantic sea of the baia del silenzio which is bound up with the ancient rituals of fishing and the rhythms of yesteryear. Together these two worlds account for the seductive power of a fishing village which seems to emerge almost naturally from the sea and which has become a welcoming and sophisticated tourist centre, with an additional touch of personality.

After walking its narrow, shady streets, coming out into the more vivid light to apprehend the immense blue of the sea becomes an even more dazzling and gratifying experience. And whichever of the two seas you choose to gaze at, one thing is certain: it is impossible to remain indifferent to so much beauty.